FIELD RESEARCH provides a management dashboard and the option to export data to .csv format and use an Excel template to display it.


The dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of organisational performance for making informed decisions.

The dashboard is divided into 3 columns. The first column has the data represented as numerical data, it contains the Centre Visits and Beneficiary Demographics.

The second column represents data graphically by using the pie charts and bar graph and the Google map.

Management Key Points are displayed in the third column

The dashboard can be filtered by area and programme.


Run your own reports when you want to by extracting your form data to spreadsheet format.

Create an Excel template using the same headings as those in the csv file. Download the report and copy that information into the template, this will make the report easier to read and the information can be sorted and filtered to meet your requirements

Once a template has been created for a specific report, the data in the csv file can be copied and pasted into the template without the template needing to be recreated or modified.