Monitoring & Evaluation Software Tools



Works Offline in Remote Environments
Manage Forms in Real-Time
Allocate Forms to specific Field Agents


Create unlimited Forms & Questions
Set Question Types
Customise Terminology
Hints & Tips in different languages


Mobile App for Data Capture
Works Offline
Data synchronised with server
Send Messages to Field Agents
Track Field Agent Locations


Management Dashboards
Extract Data to .csv file
Online Exception Reports

"Monitoring and Evaluation of Partner performance is crucial to the success of Projects"

The Story Behind ulwazi

ulwazi has been created by practitioners for practitioners

This is a software suite developed by ECD practitioners for Monitoring & Evaluation. The system features were specified Mary James of LETCEE and Redefine Software took care of the development process.

Mary’s many years of experience in the ECD sector has been translated into a software platform that facilitates the Monitoring & Evaluation of community projects. It works in remote, distributed areas and provides a revolutionary access to monitoring data, in real time..

LETCEE provides ECD interventions for the communities surrounding the Greytown area, in Kwa Zulu- Natal. Redefine Software specialises in the development of custom software systems.


ulwazi is packed with features aimed at providing a central resource for management of project interventions, creating efficiency, empowering people and providing real-time information with which to make informed decisions.

  • Create Unlimited Forms and Questions....yourself!
  • Track location of Field Agents and monitor location history per person
  • Create Projects and assign specific Field Agents to each project
  • Monitor where Forms are completed
  • View Form Data in Real-Time
  • Extract Data to spreadsheets to run your Own Statistics
  • Create Training Course profiles, assign learners and record attendance
  • Send messages to Field Agents
  • Customise Forms to use your own terminology
  • Set Completion Frequency for each Form

Request a Demo

Contact us to set up a demo profile on the management system for you. Download the demo App from the Google Play Store. The App is only available for Android compatible devices.